ONE. – Organising company
CAUDALIE SAS, a company with its registered office at 6 Place de Narvik, 75008 Paris, registered under number 398 360 123, represented by Mr Stéphane Enouf in his capacity as Managing Director (hereinafter “CAUDALIE”), is organising a test on consumer volunteers of a CAUDALIE brand product named Vinosculpt Body Balm, in 250ml format with a unit value of 25.20 euros inclusive of tax (hereinafter “Vinosculpt Balm”).
This Test is being organised to introduce these consumer volunteers to Vinosculpt Balm and collect their opinions about products on the www.caudalie.com website, under the terms and conditions of these regulations (hereinafter the “Vinosculpt Balm Test”).

TWO. – Geographical area of the Test
The geographical area of the Vinosculpt Balm Test covers France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, the Netherlands.

THREE. – Conditions of participation
The Vinosculpt Balm Test is open to everyone.
Participation in the Vinosculpt Balm Test is free of charge, with no obligation to purchase. Only one registration is accepted per person.
Participation in Vinosculpt Balm Test implies acceptance of these Regulations. Participants are responsible for the accuracy of the data provided.

FOUR. – Mechanics of participation
From 17th February to 21th February 2020, the Vinosculpt Balm Test will be advertised via a sponsored post on Facebook and a sponsored story on Instagram to CAUDALIE followers. Anyone interested can click on the sponsored Facebook post Instagram story and will be redirected to a mini site specifically for the Vinosculpt Balm Test. On this mini site, the interested persons must fill in the following questionnaire:
- Last name
- First name
- E-mail address
- Postal address
- Country
- Date of birth
- I would like to subscribe to the newsletter.
O Yes
O No
1. Do you use bodycare products?
O Yes
O No
2. For you, looking after yourself is:
O Essential: I have a full routine that I do morning and
O Important: I like to look after my skin quickly and
O Only when I have time: my routine is just the basics
O Not very important: I don’t like wasting time on it
3. What are you looking for in a body cream?
O Hydration
O Anti-cellulite
O Anti-stretch marks
O Contouring
O Firmness
O None
4. How would you describe your body's skin?
O Dry
O Normal
5. What kind of textures do you like?
O Oil
O Cream
O Gel
O All three
6. Are natural formulas important for you in your beauty
O Yes
O No
7. Do you already use Caudalie products?
O Yes
O No
8. Are you likely to leave a review about a product?
O Yes
O No

CAUDALIE will select 800 people to take part in the Vinosculpt Balm Test on the basis of the
questionnaire (hereinafter the “Testers”).

The 800 Testers will be geographically spread as follows:
France: 200
Germany: 100
Italy: 100
United Kingdom: 100
Spain: 100
Belgium: 50
Portugal: 100
Netherlands : 50

The Testers will receive the Vinosculpt Balm in February 2020, at the postal address provided for

The Testers will receive an e-mail asking them to publish a “post-test” opinion.

FIVE. – Personal data protection policy
For more information, see :
For France : https://fr.caudalie.com/personal-data-cookies-fr/
For Germany: https://de.caudalie.com/personal-data-cookies-de
For Italy : https://it.caudalie.com/personal-data-cookies-it
For the United Kingdom: https://en.caudalie.com/personal-data-cookies-en/
For Spain : https://es.caudalie.com/personal-data-cookies-es
For Portugal : https://pt.caudalie.com/personal-data-cookies-pt/
For the Netherland : https://nl.caudalie.com/personal-data-cookies-nl/

SIX. – Limitation of liability
Without this list being exhaustive, CAUDALIE cannot be held liable for:
- Any interruptions to servers;
- Loss of data;
- The consequences of any virus or bug;
- Any technical fault that has prevented or limited the possibility of participating in the Vinosculpt Balm Test.

The Vinosculpt Balm Test may be stopped, interrupted or amended as a result of factors beyond CAUDALIE's control that make it impossible to continue the Test.

SEVEN. – Allergies
The Tester agrees to read carefully the INCI list of ingredients shown on the Vinosculpt Balm packaging and ensure that they are not allergic to any of the ingredients contained in the product before applying it.
CAUDALIE may not be held liable in the event of an allergy triggered due to application of Vinosculpt Balm.

EIGHTH - Applicable law and jurisdiction
These regulations are subject to French law.
Any difficulty relating to the interpretation, the execution, of these rules will be settled amicably between the parties. If no agreement is reached within one month, the dispute may be submitted to the competent courts under French law.